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Test Your
of music
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to pieces
of songs
and try
to name
the artists.
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song clips.
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   In 11X11 are 11 levels and 11 questions in each level.
You get points for right answers and lose points if your answers are wrong.
For example in level 1 you get 1 point for right answer and lose 1 point for wrong answer.
In level 2 you win 2 points and lose 2 and so on.
When you finish each level you get bonus points and can't lose points from that level.
   In Challenge you always get a new question until your answer is wrong.
If the answer is wrong you're out, and have to start all over again.
Your highest score is rated and your points are also added to totalpoints.
If you can answer the first five questions you will get 2 extra options: 'Skip 2' and 'Skip All', and again if you answer 10 and 15 and so on.
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